Academy of Art & Technology   A Lighthouse California Partnership Academy
Grade 10: Theme: Awareness

English 10, Biology, Social Science, Photography (rotation between digital imaging, digital illustration, and digital photography)

The overall theme for 10th Grade is Social Group Awareness, and students explore what community means, how group identity is vital to change and how to create community. The theme of social justice, as reflected in literature and history, is the lens through which students examine the elements that contribute to how each individual can influence his community and the world. The interdisciplinary trip is a tour of the Museum of Tolerance.

Paola Prato - Digital Photography; Gabby Rosillo - Digital Illustration; William Diebold - Digital Imaging; Benett Berkowitz, David Penders - English; Arami Yoon - Biology; Laura Neustaedter, Wesley DeGracia - World History