Academy of Art & Technology   A Lighthouse California Partnership Academy

Grade 12: Theme: Activism

Economics & Government, Expository Composition, Digital Imaging Production (advanced web design, advanced graphic design)

The overall theme of the year is Social, Economic and Political Awareness. Students focus on a specific area in which they hope to effect change. They produce a research paper and brochure that explains and examines their understanding of and potential solutions for their issue. Literature, history and art classes coordinate efforts to present and encourage topics for exploration as well as the process that students will use to produce the requisite assignments. Students focus on their design area of concentration and are encouraged to take Advanced Placement courses as well as advanced art classes offered by the Art Department.

Gabby Rosillo - Advanced Digital Imaging/web; Donna Mercer - Advanced Digital Imaging/print; Benett Berkowitz - English; Wesley DeGracia (Team Leader) - Government/Economics