Academy of Art & Technology   A Lighthouse California Partnership Academy


Vision:   Our goal is to provide students with the academic background and professional tools necessary for success in any endeavor. AOAT instills all students with a love of learning, civic responsibility and the individual confidence to achieve their personal best.

Mission:   We are a college prep program that fosters a supportive community, a 21st century approach to learning, and professional preparation. AOAT offers:

       College preparation featuring:
       • Research, academic and financial planning workshops
       • Campus tours
       • Dedicated counselor
       • A supportive community which creates a "family" of learners supported by:
                    • Cohort classes and core teachers
                    • Mentoring
                    • Bonding activities
                    • Community outreach and volunteerism
       • A 21st century interdisciplinary approach to learning distinguished by its:
                    • Concentration on technology with a focus on digital design
                    • Microsoft Office courses
                    • Advanced courses in Adobe Creative Suite programs
                    • Cross-curricular projects
       • Professional preparation including:
                    • Career research and planning
                    • Job shadowing
                    • Mock interviews
                    • Internships
                    • Guest speakers
                    • Career site visits
                    • Advisory Board of community professionals